May 20, 2018


Tea for Two

‘I forgot to tell you we have one other family member to include’, Azzi said when I spoke to her the week before her family’s photo session, ‘our pet rabbit. His name is Peter’. When I arrived, I was warmly greeted by Azzi, her husband Ash, quiet and watchful son Rodwin and a curious Peter who was interested in taste testing my shoes.

Their session was about capturing a Sunday morning before their new baby arrived in a few months and changed their daily existence  – enjoying a warm tea and book in the living room, playing with lego while Peter hopped about, spending time together in the sunroom while listening to relaxing instrumental music and having some fun playing soccer. I mostly stood back and observed the morning, trying to catch Rodwin out from keeping an eye on me and succeeded in capturing his unguarded smile and his love and skill at soccer.

These candid and real moments frozen are to serve as reminders of how life was during this time.