August 13, 2017


Home is wherever we are if there’s love there too

When Canadian-raised Kate contacted me to document a morning with her family to remember their life in Sydney before heading overseas to start a new phase, I couldn’t wait to document their life in photos as it was before it changed for them forever. With her German husband, Juri, and two adoring daughters, Leoni and Greta, we met on an early morning at Mona Vale beach – a weekly ritual of Juri’s commitment with a swimming club. Being together at the beach, by the ocean was a big part of their lives.

Memories of family time at home on a normal morning – making waffles and drinking chocolate milk from a stein, breastfeeding Greta who had recently become more interactive, Lego time and Leoni riding her bike. A walk from their apartment to Collaroy beach past the ocean pool that Kate said she swam in right up until the final days before Greta was born and the family’s affection for each other.

As they embark on their travels abroad while I write this journal entry, I’m reminded of Kate’s words from when we were initially planning the session of ‘home is where we all are’ – I couldn’t agree more. I’m certain these images serve as a welcoming reminder of their precious time of living by the ocean; at home, as a family.