May 3, 2017


A cat so clever as Mr Mistoffelees

Yesterday my husband was told the news that the family cat he grew up with, the now 20 year old Misty cat that lived at his parents place, would be put down today. It was inevitable, a day that was expected one day, but never suspecting today. Goodbyes are still never easy. Multiple health issues occupied his frail body. His once shiny coat is scraggy and matted, the flesh on his bones melted away and he looks as if he is moving in slow motion.

We went over to visit yesterday afternoon, to spend some time with him. I’d only known him for half his life, but I still got a little choked up when I gave him a last gentle pat along his bony back and made our way to the car. To continue with our lives while wishing another one to rest in peace. While going thru these photographs today, our son smiled and patted his own tummy while meowing. He won’t remember Misty cat, but we’ll have these images to share with him of the cat that was so dear to his dad.

If you have an animal companion that is close to your heart and would love to have some precious photographs of them, spending time with you, whether it be at a dog beach, lazing on the couch and pottering at home or grazing out in the open, I’d love to help preserve those moments in photographs for you. After all, they are part of the family too even if for a short time.



Just gorgeous! Nice reflection and great pictures!

15:34 May 3, 2017


    Thanks so much Emilia!

    17:26 May 15, 2017